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Patapsco Punisher

Patapsco Punisher

Event Info

Pro/Am C-Tier

  • Date: 31-May-2015
  • Location: Marriottsville, Maryland, United States
  • Tournament Director: Dan Becker
StatusTotal PlayersPro Purse
Event complete; official ratings processed.72$1,250

Official Results

Open (29)

Mike Moser #5557
Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Shawn Johnson #31123
Pasadena, Maryland, United States
Vincent Sutlic #34863
Newark, Delaware, United States
Wayne Zink #1288
Towson, Maryland, United States
Craig Gangloff #4010
Damascus, Maryland, United States
Joe Pelchat #26151
Fairfax, Virginia, United States
Kevin Clark #30756
Herndon, Virginia, United States
Luke Morello #48533
Springfield, Virginia, United States
Jason Sosnowski #39562
White Lake, Michigan, United States
Nick Fede #46847
Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Tom Kim #11722
Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
Brian Cooke #34612
Clarksville, Maryland, United States
Donny Wilson #55549
Elkridge, Maryland, United States
Eric Buschman #38533
Sykesville, Maryland, United States
Keith Forshee #25756
Arlington, Virginia, United States
Jay Gobrecht #14268
Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
Konrad Pawlosky #29571
Springfield, Virginia, United States
Dan Becker #27883
Frederick, Maryland, United States
Stephen Heaps #19898
East Amherst, New York, United States
Brad Beeson #39097
Clarksburg, Maryland, United States
Brad Lescalleet #27920
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Eric Boger #29837
Fairfield, Pennsylvania, United States
Heath Hayward #65001
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Andrew Slater #44182
Westminster, Maryland, United States
Ryan Oben #60508
Montgomry Village, Maryland, United States
Chad Baker #61709
Smithsburg, Maryland, United States
Matthew Shaffer #46917
Purcellville, Virginia, United States
Daniel Hatfield #62717
Arlington, Virginia, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
1145.00Mike Moser55571014581002621009120$300
2140.00Shawn Johnson3112396858100266980124$200
3135.00Vincent Sutlic3486396358100268966126$98
3135.00Wayne Zink12889615999467973126$98
3135.00Craig Gangloff401010006296964995126$98
3135.00Joe Pelchat2615197164952621009126$98
3135.00Kevin Clark307569476098566980126$98
8110.00Luke Morello4853395765944631002128
9105.00Jason Sosnowski395629796396166980129$50
9105.00Nick Fede468479636396166980129$50
1195.00Tom Kim117229856098570952130$40
1195.00Brian Cooke346129506296968966130$40
1195.00Donny Wilson555499386396167973130$40
1195.00Eric Buschman385339436495266980130$40
1575.00William Thompson6071131
1670.00Keith Forshee257569306594467973132
1765.00Jay Gobrecht142689826396170952133
1860.00Konrad Pawlosky295719596296972938134
1860.00Dan Becker278839446296972938134
1860.00Stephen Heaps198989646693668966134
2145.00Brad Beeson390979596296973931135
2145.00Brad Lescalleet279209706693669959135
2335.00Eric Boger298379496693670952136
2430.00Heath Hayward650019606495273931137
2525.00Andrew Slater441829487189570952141
2620.00Ryan Oben605089456891974923142
2715.00Chad Baker617098876792877902144
2810.00Matthew Shaffer469179297189574923145
295.00Daniel Hatfield627178927487074923148

Advanced (16)

Kim Wallace #48327
Lorton, Virginia, United States
Tyler Landreth #30827
Saint Charles, Missouri, United States
Bob Peters #62211
New Freedom, Pennsylvania, United States
Stephan Evers #64750
Round Hill, Virginia, United States
Andrew Gregos #38934
Jessup, Maryland, United States
John Smoot #65192
Mclean, Virginia, United States
Zachary Anders #41797
Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
Bobby Noble #19589
Annapolis, Maryland, United States
Thomas Fletcher #68040
Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Mark Diedering #53507
Clifton, Virginia, United States
Fred Scensny #64374
Columbia, Maryland, United States
John Buck #25224
Frederick, Maryland, United States
Bryan Grosbach #41314
Indian Head, Maryland, United States
Brian Junkins #37700
Bluemont, Virginia, United States
Jeffrey Mcintyre #41717
Lexington Park, Maryland, United States
Jeff Fischetti #53878
Laurel, Maryland, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
180.00Kim Wallace483279576594465988130
275.00Tyler Landreth308279616594467973132
370.00Bob Peters622119336594471945136
465.00Stephan Evers647509236693671945137
465.00Andrew Gregos389349276495273931137
655.00John Smoot651929066495274923138
750.00Zachary Anders417979446891974923142
750.00Bobby Noble195899156495278895142
940.00Thomas Fletcher680408986792876909143
1035.00Mark Diedering535079217189574923145
1035.00Fred Scensny643748996693679888145
1225.00John Buck252249097090376909146
1320.00Bryan Grosbach413149197090377902147
1415.00Brian Junkins377008956991179888148
1510.00Jeffrey Mcintyre417179126891983859151
165.00Jeff Fischetti538788757387880881153

Advanced Grandmasters (6)

Hawk Corrick #22013
Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
Roger Franks #45255
Uniontown, Pennsylvania, United States
Kim Brennan #5729
Vienna, Virginia, United States
Dick Myers #19614
Jessup, Maryland, United States
Chet Butler #44168
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Clark Carrington #28547
Stanardsville, Virginia, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
118.00Hawk Corrick220139096991173931142
215.00Roger Franks452559096891980881148
312.00Kim Brennan57298807090383859153
49.00Dick Myers196149067784579888156
56.00Chet Butler441688677784581874158
63.00Clark Carrington285478517586287831162

Intermediate (21)

Blake Herbold #41773
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Jay Bergerson #76673
Catonsville, Maryland, United States
Brad Hresko #66489
Eldersburg, Maryland, United States
Max Morello #66760
Springfield, Virginia, United States
Jerry Honis #47032
Lexington Park, Maryland, United States
Mark Sherwood #14279
Hyattsville, Maryland, United States
Brian Fish #9607
Middletown, Maryland, United States
Eric Dematt #58745
Chesapeake City, Maryland, United States
Jorge Menjivar #68728
Burke, Virginia, United States
Michael Ennis #65167
Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
William Safford #43327
Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States
Joe Greenfield #69058
Lorton, Virginia, United States
Matthew Mendenhall #68915
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Jeff Braun #67121
Annandale, Virginia, United States
Steve Mccune #71412
La Plata, Maryland, United States
Nathan Beiler #65627
Manheim, Pennsylvania, United States
Ryan Thompson #74658
Linden, Michigan, United States
Dennis Cavallaro #60797
Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Marc Lopez #64351
Lexington Pk, Maryland, United States
Jakob Cackowski #74379
Lexington Pk, Maryland, United States
Brian Nelson #48112
Lenoir, North Carolina, United States
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
184.00Blake Herbold417738897090372938142
280.00Jay Bergerson766736991174923143
280.00Brad Hresko664898886991174923143
472.00Max Morello667608937288674923146
472.00Jerry Honis470329116792879888146
472.00Mark Sherwood142799066594481874146
760.00Brian Fish96078637685375916151
760.00Eric Dematt587458527487077902151
760.00Jorge Menjivar687288797487077902151
1048.00Michael Ennis651678597586279888154
1144.00William Safford433278877487085845159
1240.00Joe Greenfield690588597883784852162
1336.00Matthew Mendenhall689158367883785845163
1432.00Jeff Braun671218268181285845166
1432.00Steve Mccune714128307586291802166
1624.00Nathan Beiler656277848082088824168
1720.00Ryan Thompson746588379695774178
1816.00Dennis Cavallaro607977978577994781179
1912.00Marc Lopez643518128577997760182
208.00Jakob Cackowski743798776398752185
210.00Brian Nelson48112843888DNF