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PDGA International Demographics - July 2017

PDGA International Demographics - July 2017

Last updated: Friday, July 28, 2017 - 18:11

Currently, there are 31 PDGA affiliated countries based on the criteria of 10+ current members and 1+ sanctioned events, of which 24 are in Europe. The 3 northern Scandinavia countries of Finland, Sweden, and Norway, together with surging Estonia, continue to dominate European numbers representing 75% of current members and 58% of sanctioned events, as well as in terms of % growth versus 2016.

Within Asia/Oceania, there is also healthy growth in Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Thailand but this is not the case in Japan where the domestic tournament model has evolved little in 10-15 years. Canada continues to expand with current member and event numbers more than 3 times what they were 5 years ago.

Brasil, which in June held the first PDGA event ever in South America, is our newest affiliated country. There are now courses in a number of Latin America countries and it is this region where PDGA anticipates significant growth to start unfolding the next few years. Serbia is the best bet for the next affiliated country in Europe. It is also hoped that PDGA will soon start to make inroads in the potentially vast opportunity that is China, where a lot of disc golf baskets are already being manufactured.


Brian Hoeniger
PDGA International Director