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2019 PDGA State & Provincial Coordinator Candidates

2019 PDGA State & Provincial Coordinator Candidates

Last updated: Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 10:25

2019 PDGA State/Province Coordinator Candidate Statements


Ben Swam, #52875

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am interested in continuing my service as the PDGA State Coordinator for Alabama.  I have strong organizational and communication skills that play an important role in the SC position.  I am well-versed in problem resolution and have a strong sense of what Tournament Directors agonize over for scheduling.  Acting as the SC for Alabama has been a great privilege, and I look forward to extending that role for another two years.

Professional Experience:  US Army Veteran; 20+ years in the Print and Mail industry, of which the last 15 have been in Management Roles.

Disc Golf Experience:  PDGA Member since 2012; Alabama State Coordinator 2015 to present; 6 years of Volunteer Service to Disc Golf Birmingham – Treasurer 2013-2015, Vice President 2015-2017, President 2017-2019; Innova Brand Ambassador, 2018-present; TD for 30+ tournaments for our local club, charities, and other organizations.


Chris McBurney, #50286

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Since 2013, I’ve been actively supporting and promoting the efforts of TDs and disc golf clubs all over Western Canada.  I’ve helped provide opportunities for growth for our provincial competitive disc golf scene through the creation of the ADGTour site as well as forming our only provincial disc golf non-profit, the Alberta Rocky Mountain Disc Golf Association.

In 2015 Alberta hosted 6 PDGA events.  I started working with Ron “Rudy” Falconer and Wally Ovalled to establish a more robust and growth-oriented PDGA schedule through the ADGTour.  We’ve seen 30-35% growth in PDGA Events and memberships between 2015 and 2018.

Professional Experience:  I’ve worked as a communication specialist for a number of organizations, most recently as the Contributor Communications Manager for the largest content provider on the planet, Getty Images.  With a contributor base of nearly 250,000 creative professionals, it was essential that our communications were succinct and delivered in a timely basis.

Disc Golf Experience: I’ve been playing disc golf since 1993.  I was a recreational player for decades before being exposed to all the potential disc golf by spending 3 months in St. Louis, MO in 2011.  I’ve been an Amateur competitive player in British Columbia and Alberta since 2011, and a Tournament Director and Tour Director of the Alberta Tour Series since 2016.

James Morton, #62927

Biography:  An obsession level 9000 player who resides in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  878 rated and seeking 900 with an unstoppable level of commitment.  Play almost every day and try to give more than I take.  Volunteer every chance I get.

Professional Experience:  I am a high-value asset salesman who is afforded the luxury of travel.  As a result, I’ve been blessed to play many of the courses in Western Canada.  Dozens in fact from Nanimo BC to Prince Albert SK.  Met so many incredible people and new friends along the way.

Disc Golf Experience:  I moved to Edmonton 6 years ago and immediately wanted to get involved with our local disc golf association (EDGA).  I’ve been on the Board every year since and held several positions including:  President, Vice President, New Course Development Liaison, Liaison to the City of Edmonton as well as Board Member At Large.

My initial focus as President was to grow the sport and expand the types of community engagement EDGA was involved in and to create new experiences for our members.  Together we tried to start a few versions of a Juniors Program, created our Providence’s first indoor putting league, created a relationship with the Boys and Girls Club/Big Brothers Big Sisters and to grow the sport through new course development and additional leagues.  With the help of several dedicated volunteers, on behalf of EDGA, we were successful in adding new courses in Leduc, Beaumont, and Morinville as well as The Hills course in southeast Edmonton at no cost to EDGA or its members.  Thanks again to all the volunteers that helped make these happen.  This year, I started a local Meet Up as an alternative to our incredible competitive league to service those looking for a different vibe or were unable to commit to a full season due to work or other factors.  I also host ‘Learn To Disc Golf’ events at my local course.  Next is getting disc golf baskets added to ball golf courses wherever possible around the Province.

I would like to give thanks and praise to Rudy Falconer for his many years of service as our Alberta PDGA Representative.  You leave big shoes to fill, Rudy.  Steady Ed Headrick, the Father of disc golf once said “whoever has the most fun wins,” truer words have never been spoken.

If elected as your Alberta PDGA Rep my focus would be as follows:  Help facilitate bringing Canadian Nationals to Edmonton in 2021; Act as a unifying force to repair damaged relationships in recent years; Support new course development across the Province; Help find ways to encourage our Women and Junior players; Create community engagement and volunteer opportunities for players and clubs.


Matt Loyd, #40462

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I was born and raised in Arkansas.  I started playing disc golf in 2007 during my time at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville as a Parks and Recreation major.  After becoming an avid tournament disc golfer, I decided to start running PDGA-sanctioned events in Arkansas at a time when there were not many around.  Once I started running events, disc golf eventually became my full-time job in 2015 when I took a job in touring and promotion for Dynamic Discs.  Since then, I’ve traveled the country growing disc golf and promoting the sport.

Professional Experience:  Disc golf has been my job since 2015.  I worked for Dynamic Discs for nearly the last 5 years in some capacity. 

Disc Golf Experience:  Over the last decade, I have been the tournament director of a course tournament director for every level of PDGA-sanctioned event including the 2016 PDGA Pro Worlds.  I’ve been the PDGA State Coordinator for the last 5 years after taking over from Doug Trantham midway through his last 2-year term.  I’ve also installed nearly a dozen new disc golf courses in Arkansas since 2010.

Armed Forces Overseas

Tom Kunneke, #51668

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Tom Kunneke, #51668; Camp Walker, Daegu, South Korea;  Birthdate - 01/08/53; Gender - Male; Married - one child; Hometown - Fort Mill, SC

Disc golf bridges the cultural differences between the soldier/DoD community and local citizenry. Soldiers who are avid disc golfers and based overseas need courses. I will continue to build on that growth in the Korean peninsula and promote the need to include funding in Army Recreation budgets for portable baskets and discs. Many DoD installations overseas have land parcels with enough space to build a minimum 9-hole course and therefore it's important to connect with the Army Recreation offices to potentially facilitate that. As I've witnessed firsthand, engaging the local communities will actually also help to promote the sport within the DoD community because the installations overseas typically have a community outreach program.


Professional Experience:  Occupation:  Natural Resources Management Specialist.  Professional Experience: 30+ years domestic and international projects, including: Biological resource surveys and assessments; land use/land cover mapping; aerial imagery analysis; threatened & endangered species surveys; wetland habitat restoration and management; landscape design; community environmental outreach and media liaison.

Disc Golf Experience:  A recreational and disc golf community advocate for fifteen years in the US, South Korea and Asia. Prior to working for the US Army in South Korea, I was based in various locales in Florida, Charlotte, NC, and permanent residence Ft. Mill, SC.  It was in Charlotte where I started dedicating time to the sport regularly and availing myself of all the great local courses as well as learning course design factors. In the past 10 years while based in Daegu, South Korea with the US Army my volunteer time has been devoted to growing and developing the player community here, including: outreach that connects the military and local player community; organizing several tournaments annually; organizing annual women’s player events; designing the first-ever 18-hole course on a military installation here in Korea at Cp Humphreys (2012); designing four other courses in Korean cities (2012 – present); promoting the sport through Armed Forces Network (AFN) Radio and TV; participating in sanctioned tournaments in Japan, Okinawa and Taiwan; playing courses in Guam and Saipan; and during the past year I've energized forty-seven (47) players in various communities to become PDGA members and/or renew membership. Membership includes: Vice-Chairman Daegu Disc Golf Association; Charlotte Disc Golf Club; and Disc Golf Course Designers.

California (North)

Michael Guerrero, #10708

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I have been playing Disc golf since 1994.  I was introduced to competitive disc golf that same year as the 1994 Amateur Worlds was held in my home town of Sacramento, CA.  After that I was hooked and started playing the Norcal Series regularly.  I had a brief pause for a few years to raise a family, then I was back at it in 2008.  I hope to make a good Northern California PDGA Coordinator.  I am very familiar with the area and the people who run all the tournaments.  Weekends fill up fast in this area and it is rare to have an open weekend all year long.

Professional Experience:   Received my Associates in Applied Science in 1997.  Spent the next 25 years working in information technology.  The last fourteen years in the Education sector.  Webmaster for Norcal Series website for last seven years.  Seven year Norcal Series Board Member and webmaster.

Disc Golf Experience:  I have been playing disc golf tournaments for the last 23 years.  20 years playing as a professional disc golfer.  Exclusively playing tournaments in the Northern California area.  Played 1997 Amateur Worlds in Grand Rapids, MI, placed 24th.  Played the 2016 U.S. Masters in Stockton, CA.


Ray Woodruff, #32728

Professional Experience: Information Technology for the last 20 years.

Disc Golf Experience:  I was first introduced to the game in 1996 and enjoyed several years of recreational play until joining the tournament scene in 2007.  I have been on the board of directors for the Mile High Disc Golf Club since 2011, and have been involved with some great events, including the Rocky Mountain Women’s Disc Golf Championships, over the years.


Timothy Stevenson, #53575

Biography/Candidate Statement: I was born into a military family in 1981 and moved around throughout the Mid-Atlantic until finding myself in Delaware in the nineties.  After graduating from Salesianum School in 1999, it took me a few years to pursue a formal culinary education; during which time I discovered not only disc golf, but the ebullient and robust community surrounding it.  Working for a private social club in the city for the past 12 years has afforded me the stability to start a family, foster dogs, and even sneak in the occasional round of disc golf.

Professional Experience: I’ve been a cook for my entire adulthood, and can’t imagine doing anything else with my professional life.  Creatively expressing myself and solving a constantly changing list of challenges is a uniquely rewarding way to pay the bills.

Disc Golf Experience: 2016 Delaware Am MA2 Champion, 3-time Canby Cookout Chili Champ.  I’ve run Circuit Events the last 4 years to raise funds for the DDG.  I was the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2018 DDGC NT event, and I am the Scoring Coordinator for the 2019 NT,  I help coordinate the production and distribution of the DDG bag tags.


Barry Arnson, #28128

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I was born in Stone Mountain, GA, and grew up in Lawrenceville, GA, for most of my youth.  After graduating from Georgia Tech I stayed in Atlanta for a few years while I settled into a career.  Got married in 2006 and moved to East Point and have been there ever since.  I live with my wife, Rebekah, our two girls, Audrey and Violet, and a seventeen year old cat named Kozmo.

Professional Experience:  I have been working for Lanier Parking Solutions for 12 years in managing about 20 million dollars worth of assets for a variety of clients and property management companies.  My work keeps one foot in the world of accounting as I manage budgets, P&L statements and collections.  The other foot is the world of garage management with respect to the daily, monthly, event and valet operations. 

Disc Golf Experience:  I started playing disc golf in 2005 as a way to get back in shape.  The plan originally was to get back to playing Ultimate but I quickly fell in love with the sport of disc golf from that point on.  It wasn't soon after that I signed up for the PDGA and played in my very first sanctioned tournament at Redan Park in Lithonia, GA.  Since that time I became active with the Atlanta Disc Golf Organization as their webmaster/CIO, then later as the Vice-President/CFO and lastly as President/CEO ending my term at the end of 2018.  I have seen the growth of disc golf in the state go from only about 20 sanctioned tournaments a year to now two or three on a single weekend.  I have successfully ran tournament myself for ten years now. 


Mike Stradley, #45629

Biography/Candidate Statement:  My name is Mike Stradley PDGA #45629.  I have played disc golf for over 10 years and have been the State Coordinator for Idaho for the past 2 years.  The first time I played disc golf was with a Whamo 3 pc. starter set.  I lost the driver and the mid within the first 5 holes at CSI, but was instantly hooked.  I played every day.  I soon realized that I was never going to be the greatest golfer alive, but I didn't care.  I just loved playing.  I wanted the world to know about this great sport.  I wanted to grow the sport.  I have run a disc golf league for kids and beginners through the park & rec dept.  I have designed and installed multiple courses.  I have helped with many work days, ran leagues, tournaments, and been a board member of the local club.  My pictures have made the Innova calendar 4 times.  I have gone to city council meetings, kids days, community gatherings, etc. to spread the word about disc golf.  I have donated countless time and money to grow the sport.  When I was voted in as the Idaho SC I wanted to step the game up.  I created a Facebook page, Idaho State Disc Golf, for important disc golf and PDGA news to be posted.  I also have an event calendar posted to the page for everyone to see upcoming events or to plan their events around.  This last year I started the Idaho Disc Golf Hall of Fame to honor those individuals that started disc golf in our amazing state.  Heck, without them maybe most of us wouldn't even be disc golfers today.  This is still a work in progress and I love hearing the history of Idaho disc golf from some of our founding fathers.  I am also trying to bridge the gap between North Idaho and Southern Idaho.  Even though disc golf in Idaho is relatively small compared to other states, it almost feels like the gap between us is two different states.  I have lots of other ideas I would like to try and implement as the Idaho SC and would love your vote to continue working on these goals as well as the goals of other fellow disc golfers in our amazing state.


Steve Boylan, #6542

Biography/Candidate Statement:    As the current PDGA State Coordinator, we have seen amazing growth in the state of Indiana.  Hundreds of events working with dozens of local clubs that have inspired thousands of golfers to enjoy the experience of disc golf.  Our community is a family of individuals that are great members of the brotherhood/sisterhood of disc golf.  Our goal is the continued success of our events and also to encourage new and innovative disc golf education within our communities through our members, clubs and vendors. 

Professional Experience:  Currently a manager at FedEx Express, Landlord of 11 Indianapolis properties ad real estate broker at HomeFinder Inc.

Disc Golf Experience: I joined the PDGA in 1992 after playing for 3 years.  30 years of throwing discs has enabled me the freedom to experience over 400 PDGA events as well as countless other local events in that 30 years.  My successes are the friendships I’ve been able to build with people from local, national and international.  I look forward to seeing you on the course.


Scott Reek, #12824

Biography/Candidate Statement:  My name is Scott Reek and I have been the Kansas State Coordinator since 2013 and I also served as the APO State Coordinator from 2004-2008.  I have been working with PDGA Tournament Directors for several years now and feel I have a pretty comfortably process in place to ensure that events are not conflicting with one another.  I would love the opportunity to continue to ensure that Kansas and the PDGA continue to shine in a positive light.

Professional Experience:  Most of my professional experience has revolved around disc golf.  I have a degree in Human Resources but have spent most of my adult life working in some type of disc golf related field.

Disc Golf Experience: I have been playing disc golf since the mid 1990’s and have done just about everything there is within the disc golf industry.  I have been a PDGA state coordinator, owned a brick and mortar retail/online store, designed and built disc golf courses, worked directly with manufacturers, worked as a Tournament Director from small unsanctioned events up to PDGA Major World Championships.  I have worked with many clubs and organizations and have been the president at one time for the Appleton Area Disc Golf Club (Wisconsin), Kansas Disc Golf Association and the Kansas City Flying Disc Club.


Keith Bodin, #7134

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am the current SC for Louisiana.

Professional Experience:  I have been in management for my company over 10 years.

Disc Golf Experience:  I started playing disc golf in 1988 in Shreveport, Louisiana.  I joined the PDGA in 1992.  I own La Cot DGC in Ragley, LA.  I run several events a year on the course.


Dan Cote, #115422

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I have moved up from recreational disc golf to intermediate and received a rating of 896.  My goal for this year is to finish at or above 900.  I am very interested in helping to grow the sport in Manitoba.  I am a motivated person looking to improve both in sport and knowledge of the game.  I started out as an Ultimate player and loved the throwing aspect of the game, so naturally, disc golf has so far been a great fit!

Professional Experience:  I am a Journeyperson sheet metal worker.  I have been in the trade for 22 years, and I have progressed from not being able to tell the difference between steel and paper to managing a shop that moves over a million dollars worth of many kinds of metal per year. I have been in a managing roll for about 7-1/2 years now.

Disc Golf Experience:  I have been enjoying disc golf for about a year now.  After about 6 months or so, I decided that this was going to be my long term sport and signed up for my PDGA membership.  I have not played over 150 rounds.  I won Rec division for provincials last year, and placed well at provincials this year in intermediate.


Jason Wilder, #17523

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I’ve been fortunate enough to be the State Coordinator for the last 4 years and am excited to continue in the role as there are many opportunities to still explore.

Professional Experience: A former small business owner and many years in the corporate world have provided me real world experience to help the thriving MN disc golf scene.

Disc Golf Experience: Playing 20+ years and competing for 19 with over 100 sanctioned events.


Jack Lowe, #15316

Biography:  Jack Lowe began his disc golf career as a child in 1978 when he played for the first time. By the middle 1980s he was playing daily.  Upon moving back to Kansas City from Chicago in 1999, Jack became a member of the Executive Board of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club (KCFDC) where he served for 18 of the past 20 years on the Board and continues to offer expertise in many areas for the organization.

Professional Experience: Over 25 years in the Human Resources field with primary function as a Recruiting Manager filling voids in organizations from 50 people to over 100,000 employees.  Over the years I have had the luxury of meeting a wide array of personalities to determine which individuals clearly meet and define the structure of the business model that they are hoping to achieve.  From small entrepreneur firms to Fortune 50 companies, my expertise has helped organizations to continue to meet and exceed the demands that customers and clients put on an organization to achieve expected results.

Disc Golf Experience: This experience relates directly to the position of State Coordinator within the PDGA, as the State Coordinator for 2019 has shown. The ability to engage with all levels of Tournament Directors for the state and ensure cross-regional aspects are all looked at is something I bring to the table. By being an active member in the sport, and my own participation in multiple events, I understand the demands of the TDs, and the reliance of the players on them. This needs to be great behind the scenes information gathering so that your experience on the course is met with a positive outcome, regardless of your score. 😊 Your vote whether it be for me, or any other worthy person on this ballot, is a direct vote that you care enough to pay attention to the sport. I thank you for taking the time to vote, and appreciate that you have devoted that time, and in your trust, you can rest assured that I will as well take careful, and deliberate actions about events in our state. The most important thing for me is to get you to vote, so please take time to fill out the ballot, be it for me, or another in consideration. Your votes show you care. 

  • First played in 1978 • Current State Coordinator for Missouri
  • Have played over 600 courses (lost so many events I can’t count…)
  • Tournament Director:  Am Worlds 2003, Pro/Am Worlds 2009, TD and Assistant to 11 National Tour Events, TD or Assistant TD for 19 A-Tiers, TD for 14 B-Tiers, TD for 23 C-Tiers
  • These events, totaling over $1.3 million in prizes, and over $500,00 in cash given to players were done while Tournament Director, or league director for PDGA events
  • Over 18 years on the executive committee of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club (KCFDC):  8 years as President, 6 years as Vice President, 2 years as Sgt of Arms
  • Raised over $500,000 in local funding for disc golf projects within the Kansas City area; over the last 20 years Kansas City has gone from 4 locations to play, to currently close to 50.
  • Current Member of the Disc Golf Design Group
  • Have designed and helped design over 20 disc golf courses
  • Received an Environmental Excellence Award on behalf of KCFDC for work done within our core parks and improvement to the locations within Kansas City area.
  • Worked with the Mayor’s office for the Kansas City Mayor to proclaim Disc Golf Day for the city
  • Sit on several Parks boards with respect to disc golf advocacy within those parks.
  • Orchestrated first known contract with Kansas City to give land usage agreements with respect to disc golf courses, to ensure their protection—have since used this information to reap rewards within other municipalities
  • Donated thousands of hours towards the betterment of the sport through local organizations and development too long to list and bore you.


Scott Hoffman, #30092

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I would like to represent the state of Nebraska as coordinator because I will actively work with all the players and tournament directors in the state to grow disc golf.

Disc Golf Experience: 25 years of playing disc golf.  I have been running leagues and tournaments as a director for around 15 years.  I have been actively involved with our local club (OMDGA) – and have served as Treasurer and am currently the Vice President.

New Hampshire

Kenneth Bovill, #79006

Biography/Candidate Statement:  What a great two years it has been!  Since I took over the role of State Coordinator with the PDGA in 2017, we have had some great changes in the state of New Hampshire. The state has seen huge growth with the sport of disc golf. New courses are popping up, more and more people are getting involved in the sport, and it is now being recognized by municipalities as a great sport for its residents.

At a competitive level, we have seen 2 different A tier events within the state (NEADGC and the Fall Classic), have seen the Live Free and Drive Tour excel, and numerous other B and C tier events develop within our community.

Now although this expansion is great, it does not come without challenges. With just as much growth in neighboring states, we are starting to see overlap and attendance issues develop as a result. I believe this is one of the biggest hurdles we face right now.

Scheduling is a major initiative during this campaign. I want to work hard with the states around us to make sure we are making schedules that are mutually beneficial and make sense for the players.  I also want to bring larger, more spectator friendly events to the state. This is great for both the sport, but also the local communities and businesses. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming years.  Thank you for your support.

Professional Experience:  Being both a small business owner, and a retail manager, I have developed the patience and understanding needed to work both with employees and customers. Understanding what people need, and the ability to work with different personalities and problems is something I pride myself on being able to do. Prioritizing, multitasking, and coaching are all skills I have developed over the years and are crucial in this role. 

Disc Golf Experience:  I am been a competitive player for 6 years now, and have both competed and played all over the country. Having moved to MP40 last year, it has given me the ability to see the perspective of both the amateur and professional side of the sport, and the different views regarding the competition. Also, working as a TD for many events throughout the state (including the two A tiers in NH), I have developed relationships with many of the state’s players, and area TD's with whom I correspond with daily.

Jim Bailey, #63390

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Greetings New Hampshire PDGA members!  I’m running for a state coordinator position this year in the interest of expanding local PDGA opportunities and improving coordination of events in New Hampshire and New England.  I feel that I’m uniquely qualified to do so through my years of tournament experience as a player, director, and volunteer across several organizations (Live Free and Drive, GMDGC, NEFA, etc.).  I look forward to the opportunity to serve the PDGA in New Hampshire and I would appreciate your vote!

Professional Experience:  Principal Design Engineer with Allegro Microsystems, Manchester NH.  Responsible for design, development, and validation of leading-edge magnetic sensor solutions since 2002.

Disc Golf Experience:  Tournament disc golfer since 2013 and PDGA member since 2014.  >5yrs TD experience running tournaments and weekly leagues in NH and VT.  President of the NH Disc Golf Club for 2 years and board member for 2 more.  2015 Green Mountain Disc Golf Club Volunteer of the Year.  With Tucker Davis I was responsible for the fundraising, ACOE coordination, design, and installation of the Franklin Falls Disc Golf Course.

New Mexico

Samuel Smith, #48694

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I have been playing disc golf in New Mexico for the last 13 years.  I have run sanctioned tournaments for 7 of those 13 years.  I have seen disc golf grow exponentially in the Land of Enchantment.  That growth was achieved through the hard work and dedication of my predecessors.  If elected to remain the New Mexico State Coordinator, I promise to do everything in my power to facilitate further growth.

Professional Experience:  I have been working with computers for well over twenty years.  I currently work as an Internet technician for an Internet service provider.  In my down time, I also run a freelance graphic design business that specializes in disc golf hot stamps.

Disc Golf Experience:  I have been playing disc golf in New Mexico for the last 13 years.  I have run sanctioned tournaments for 7 of those 13 years.  I have also been the acting State Coordinator for the majority of 2019.

North Carolina

Philip Lawrence, 38083

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I started playing disc golf in 2008 with some friends in college, and after playing for a little less than a year, I was the TD to my first PDGA event.  I loved it, and continued to do so for over 10 years now.  During that time I also grew a small business from 4 employees to 20, managing time and team members along the way.  With that experience, I now find myself in a position where I enjoy event management, training new TDs, assisting with events to help improve them over time, and coordinating with other TDs across the state even more than actually playing the game.

I’ve served as State Coordinator for the past 2 years and want to continue the work I’ve done building those relationships and growing the NC Points Series.  I’ve established a foundation, built on my contacts with those that came before me, trusting in the contacts and partnerships I’ve made along the way to help me, as well as listening to feedback from tournament golfers on how to improve not only the NC Points Series, but North Carolina PDGA Events as a whole.

Professional Experience: I’m one of the owners and also the General Manager at Graphic Components – a wholesale ADA sign manufacturer in Greensboro, NC.  The core of my job entails leading, communicating, and working alongside a team of motivated individuals that isn’t just there to make a paycheck.  I’ve helped to build a team that self-regulates, and pushes each other to improve on a daily basis.  Anyone can purchase the exact same equipment and materials that we have, but it’s the team that we’ve built that sets us apart.  The product is custom made, and differs not only job to job, but within jobs as well.  The team has to not only be efficient at producing an ever-changing product, but also do it at top-notch service and on a strict timeline.

From the environment, I’ve developed a keen ability to communicate with others, problem-solve issues with people and timelines, and an attention to detail when scheduling every step along the way.  These have served me well as State Coordinator, and like my team, I’m open to improving daily.

Disc Golf Experience:  Since 2009, I’ve served at President of the Oak Hollow Disc Golf Club. During that time, I’ve been the Assistant Tournament Director of the 2018 Amateur World Championship, Volunteer Coordinator for the 2013 Tim Selinske US Masters Championship, State Coordinator for North Carolina 2017-2019, Ran the NC Points Series 2018-2019, directed the Patriot Memorial as either an A-tier or B-tier 2015-2018, Oak Hollow Open as a B-tier 2011-2018, and a multitude of other B and C-tier events.

One of my most treasured Disc Golf Experiences is being the TD of a C-tier called the “Campership Classic” at Victory Junction on the first year of the event in 2016. Victory Junction is a camp set out to enrich the lives of children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses, and to be able to combine my passion for Disc Golf to help in that cause, and how proud the entire tournament felt to help raise over $16,000 for the camp. Since then, I’ve stayed involved as either the TD or assistant TD, and it continues to be the best disc golf experience year-to-year. If you can find some way to use disc golf in your area to show off how great our community is to the rest of the world, it can only help others see disc golf in the same light we do.


Kenneth Rollins, #7030

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Currently serve as PDGA Ohio State Coordinator.  The past two years Ohio has realized steady growth not only in PDGA memberships but we have seen a steady increase in new tournament directors.  Additionally other volunteers and assistants are stepping up to learn event management.  The quality and execution of events has improved with the introduction of new tools, better focus and better communication across all disciplines.  I am proud to have been a part of this recent success.  I look forward to seeing what Ohio's TD's and its young talent can produce in the coming years.  With that said, I wish to announce the Ohio PDGA membership my desire to run in the coming election for the position of PDGA Ohio State Coordinator for the next term.  I greatly appreciate all the support and cooperation from the previous term.  I am confident if re-elected we will see further improvements and even greater communication to help raise Ohio to the next level and further on the national stage.

Professional Experience:  Have worked as management in the service industry for over 40 years to include department stores, convenient stores and restaurants.  Currently work in the field of Corrections for the State of Ohio for the past 20 years. Have a working knowledge of computers. 

Disc Golf Experience:  Over 28 years of disc golf experience.  Promotion and organizing disc golf for over 15 years.  PDGA State Coordinator 2018 - 2019.  Member of the Ohio Disc Golf Hall of Fame.  Innova Ambassador.  TD for 2010 AM Worlds and Co TD for 2015 USWDGC.  Have TD'd many C & B events while also assisted in regional and national events.  Have regularly worked with many city, county and state parks with regard to course design and development. 


Chris Ozolins, #55049

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Candidate Statement:

A science & math teacher by trade, I'm also the director of the Ontario Disc Sports Association. I eat, sleep and breathe our sport. It is of the utmost importance to me that we correctly manage the growth of competition in our sport and advocate for course development. Over my 7+ years in the sport I've witnessed an explosion in both the number of golfers and the quality (and number) of events. I'd like to consider myself an ambassador for disc golf in Ontario and continue to do everything in my power to promote high-quality competition, an athlete development continuum through tours and championships, and promote further development of resources for our sport. My doors are wide-open; I'm always available to help-out or discuss events, tours, techniques and feedback.

Professional Experience:

  • 3+ years experience as executive director of the Ontario Disc Sports Association.
  • 2 years experience as Ontario Provincial PDGA coordinator.
  • 5+ years experience as president of the Bronte Creek Disc Golf Club.
  • 12 years experience teaching math and science to grades 9-12 students.
  • 5 years experience TDing over 25 disc golf events.
  • Currently maintain the website, Ontario Disc Golf Schedule, Ontario Cup Tour, and Ontario Flex Tour.

Disc Golf Experience:

  • 7 years experience as a competitive disc golfer
  • 3 years experience as executive director of the disc sports PSO in Ontario
  • 2 years experience as the provincial PDGA coordinator
  • Travelling golfer having competed in multiple National Tour and DGPT events
  • TD experience with over 25 PDGA events, including a Provincial Championship, 4 Ontario Women's Disc Golf Championships, the upcoming Northern Ontario Championships; 5 B-tier events and 20 C-tier events.
  • Have installed or advocated-for over 10 courses across Ontario, with more ODSA projects in development.
  • Will have played in 100 PDGA events by the time elections are here.


Chas Ford, #12850


Christian Vanier, #67574

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Provincial coordinator since 2017 with record setting PDGA-sanctioned events and members.  I’m also part of the team behind the Tournée Pro-Am Disc Golf which consist of 8 events (7 c-tier, 1 a-tier) and I am also the TD of the Championnat Oasis (a-tier). Since I've been the coordinator, we have seen an increase in both the number of events and members from a PDGA standpoint. The PDGA has also regiven back tremendously in terms of sponsorship for our tour and events.

Professional Experience:  I’ve been working in the hotel industry for 20+ years, starting in housekeeping, moved on to front desk and now working in the accounting department.

Disc Golf Experience:  I’ve started disc golf a little over 5 years ago and got hooked instantly.  As soon as I started playing, I knew I wanted to get involved on the organizational side of it.  I’ve TD’d over 10 events, helped at multiple clinics and as mentioned previously, built a brand new tour from the ground up with a bunch of dedicated volunteers in the spirit of growing the sport of disc golf in our province.  All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of Peter Lizotte (previous PDGA coordinator) and Michel St-Pierre, who laid the groundwork for disc golf to be where it’s at today.

Rhode Island

Emily Hanson, #111460

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am a 25-year old entrepreneur who has fallen head over heels in love with this amazing sport.  I cannot express how important having the unwavering support of the disc golf community has been in my life and I am extremely passionate about getting everyone around me to share my love of the game (or at least give it a try!). The rapid growth this sport has recently taken on is a huge inspiration for me and I am determined to play a larger role in it. Owning my own business allows me to have a very flexible schedule and I am thankful that it has opened the door to connections with so many like-minded folks who saturate the disc golf community.

It is my hope that if I am elected to represent Rhode Island as their State Coordinator that I will be able to play a role in proposing and implementing new ideas that will help nourish one aspect of the sport that I am certain will bring disc golf as a whole to its true potential. I have not been submerged in the community as long as the majority of other PDGA members, but I feel that a fresh, innovative perspective will be of great significance to this sport. It is clear that there is a huge discrepancy between men's and women's disc golf and I am very passionate about raising interest in the women's side of the sport (competitive as well as introducing the sport to girls and women) and believe that this will unlock unfathomable growth for the sport we all love. 

Professional Experience:  I have 7 years of experience teaching summer and after-school programs to inner-city elementary and middle school students. I advanced from Junior Camp Counselor helping with lunchtime and bathroom breaks to full blown After-School Teacher responsible for supervising 8-12 adults and 40-120 children on a daily basis within my classes. I also had the amazing opportunity to test my creativity, resourcefulness and organization skills by getting the approval to create my own curriculum (for 8 half year duration classes) and have taught 35+ classes varying from sports and art classes to STEM based programs and everything in between during my time working as a program provider.

Although I truly valued my time working with children (and hope to create some youth based disc golf programs in my community) I decided to quit in order to dedicate all of my time into my true passion in life, being an entrepreneur. After 6 months of hard work building up a respectable brand alongside my business partner, we officially registered our business Twisted Amanita Dyes and Beads, a business that combines our love of art and obsession for disc golf. We are able to express our free-spirited mindsets while submerging ourselves in the world of disc golf by creating handmade works of art that especially appeal to the disc golf community. We make it a goal to sponsor at least one tournament a month with free merchandise as we are both huge supporters of growing the sport and want to give back to the community that has done so much for us. 

Disc Golf Experience:  I was introduced to disc golf a mere 2 1/2 years ago and am beyond thankful to have found it. I get to a course once a week (more if possible) and spend the majority of my other free time playing putting games with my portable disc catcher and some good friends. I have been competing in sanctioned tournaments for just over a year now and I am hooked. I have a great appreciation for all of the work Tournament Directors put into their events and would love the chance to make their jobs a little easier while growing my own tournament knowledge. National competition and the publicity that the professional side of this sport gathers is very important for the overall growth of this sport and I feel that the key to giving disc golf the recognition and respect it truly deserves lies within the hands of our far too often underappreciated local community members. I have been involved with many leagues within various states (as the only female in the majority of cases-unfortunately) but will be holding my first women's only league next month. I am beyond excited to provide the opportunity for women to build their disc golf skills in a low pressure, fun environment surrounded by athletes closer to their own skill levels and encourage them to constantly make and reach realistic goals for themselves and to grow at their own individual paces. As a life long athlete I was immediately attracted to disc golf, but it was the amazing community that truly makes me feel like home out on any course. As a natural nomad I initially feared the difficulty of constantly having to resubmerge myself into local disc golf communities, but I have been welcomed with only the utmost respect and love everywhere I go. I feel an unspoken connection with every disc golfer out there, one that warms and humbles me the instant I see someone sporting an Innova car sticker or a Dynamic Discs hat. I love the way disc golf motivates and excites me and that love shines right through during every opportunity I get to share knowledge of my favorite hobby with a curious passerby. 

T.M. Dyer, #5078


Chris Hoyt, #94581

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I was born in Regina, my family lives here too and enjoys it. I currently live in Regina, working as an Accountant. I have traveled some, spending 5 years in Saskatoon and 2 years in Halifax for school plus 4 months in Sweden on an exchange. I played Ultimate Frisbee competitively for a few years, going even so far as to nearly lose a kidney doing it! But I found Disc Golf to be more relatable to me, and have pursued that interest heavily.

I've always enjoyed the idea of improving oneself, and disc golf provides the perfect avenue for this. I can’t think of any other sport that has so much versatility and originality. There is always room for improvement, whether it is practicing your putting form or reading up on the differences between a Slammer and a Ryhno, there are so many aspects to this sport that make it interesting. One of my favourite is how the wind affects your throw. It takes a great deal of understanding to change your disc to suit the conditions when you are more used to throwing a particular disc.

My plan, as Provincial Coordinator, is to shepherd the state of Disc Golf as it grows here in Saskatchewan. I pledge to create a Provincial Circuit that will help define the landscape of the sport while also developing a schedule of major events for years to come. Saskatchewan has many bodies organizing tournaments, and there is undoubtedly going to be overlap. I am confident I can work with these bodies and build a better structure for everyone to follow.

Some of these tournaments will be PDGA Sanctioned, and I have the confidence I can help those TDs throughout the stages of planning, operating and reporting to culminate into a successful event. I do not think PDGA sanctioning is a MUST for every event, in fact it carries a stigma that deters Recreational players. Instead, sanctioning should be a conversation that includes who the event is for and what that event is trying to accomplish. I will happily have this conversation with anyone looking to run a tournament in our province, because I am potentially the most knowledgeable person in the province when it comes to PDGA rules and offerings.

Professional Experience:  I first began helping out with volunteer organisations during my Engineering degree, and have slowly become more comfortable with getting things off the ground since. Spectrum is a well known Science Fair the Engineering Students at the UofS put on every 3 years; they cancel classes and everything for it! I was around for 2 of those and even had the honor of being 2nd in command for the later event, working specifically as the Finance Director.  As mentioned before, I am well versed in the offerings of the PDGA and can have a meaningful conversation about sanctioning a tournament with anyone in Saskatchewan.

Disc Golf Experience:  I began playing Disc Golf in its true form in 2015 when I came back to Regina. It was then I joined the RDGA and helped build up the club to what it is now. I have organized multiple leagues and tournaments in the city and have noticed a significant improvement in them over the years, both from my own experience but also with the help of the community that has grown there. I have played in several tournaments throughout the province and even in Alberta/BC where the sport is rather more developed so I know where the sport is heading in Sask.

South Dakota

Cary Muilenburg, #60072

Biography/Candidate Statement:  My name is Cary Muilenburg.  I have been your State Coordinator for 3 years now.  I love the sport of Disc Golf and especially enjoy meeting new people as well as enjoy my time with all of the Disc Golfers in the State that I have already met.

Professional Experience:  I have been the SD State Coordinator for 3 years.

Disc Golf Experience: I have been playing disc golf for 14 years.

Texas (South)

Stephanie Vincent, #29947

Professional Experience:  I have been a Professional Care Giver for over 15 years.  I worked with the Austin homeless population during 2007-2009 at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless as a Client Service Specialist.  My duties included checking clients in and out of the building, directing clients to community resources and working alongside the Case Workers to ensure the Clients were following the plan put in place for them.

From 2009-2013 I was a Preschool Teacher with Headstart.  I was in charge of writing weekly lesson plans, keeping written documents on the children’s progress throughout the year and completing parent-teacher conferences.  I also attended teacher workshops throughout the year and summer to learn new ideas to bring back to the classroom.

Currently, I am a Nanny for a family with 2 children under the age of 10.  My daily duties include supervising the children, planning activities and helping to maintain a daily schedule for the kids.

I believe that with my experience in keeping proper documentation and maintaining schedules it will help ensure that I can schedule our TX tournaments efficiently and communicate clearly without TX Tournament Directors.

Disc Golf Experience: I started playing Disc Golf in 2006 and starting playing Professional in 2010.  This is also the same year that my friends and I started Women Throwing Frisbees.  We started out with weekly meets but our main focus was to help connect the women in our area to each other.  WTF has run fundraiser events to raise money to pay for the ladies in our club to play the Texas Women’s Championship tournament.  We also work side by side with a dog rescue group called Love-A-Bull.  WTF is in charge of registration, making the cards and tallying the scores.  I also was the Hospitality Coordinator for the 2011 Women’s Championship.  I was in charge of finding a place to host the player’s banquet and all the extra-curricular activities which included an ice cream social and player’s party hosted by Women Throwing Frisbees.  I love disc golf and all the joy it has brought me and now I feel like it’s time to give back to the community that I love so much.


Jeff Spring, #43994


John Anderson, #19996

Professional Experience: I’ve had a wide range of professions in my working career.  From Retail to Construction, I’ve done a little bit of everything.  I enjoy solving problems and making sure my clients and customers are satisfied with my work.

Disc Golf Experience:  Played disc golf for 25 years; PDGA member for 18 years; Washington State Coordinator for 4 years.  I have been very active in my disc golf community for the past decade.  I have been able to increase planning efficiencies within my state by starting an online calendar that the community can access.  I encourage communication with all state Tournament Directors and do my best to answer all questions and requests as fast and complete as possible.  I’ve been playing professionally for 11 years and have been sponsored by Discraft for 4 years.  I have played hundreds of course throughout the country and enjoy designing and building courses locally.


Landon Smith, #98209

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Born in Waupaca, Wisconsin, and graduated from Ripon College with a Bachelors in Sports Management and Community Recreation in 2014.  Have been living in the Milwaukee area for the past 5 years.  If chosen as Wisconsin’s State Coordinator I will work tirelessly to ensure Wisconsin Disc Golf Tournaments are planned and managed with utmost efficiency.

Professional Experience:  Professionally I have been developing, coordinating, and managing youth recreational sports and programs for the past 5 years.  I began working at Milwaukee Jobs Corps as a recreational specialist working with intercity youth.  Was promoted to Supervisor after two years.  In 2017 I was hired by Inbounds Training Center as their General Manager.  My duties included managing day to day operations of the business, development of recreational programs for youth and adults, marketing, and business to business partnerships and out reach.  

Disc Golf Experience: I discovered disc golf in 2009 when my high school put in a small 9 hole technical course near by and was hooked.  Through college I played recreationally with friends at nearby courses.  In 2014 I moved to the north side of Milwaukee and came across two great courses, Dretzka and Browndeer parks.  The summer of 2017 I began playing my first tournaments playing in the Intermediate division.  2018 I was able to take 3 tournament victories and in 2019 I moved up to the advanced level with a rating in the 940s.