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Game Development Team

The Game Development Team (GDT), operates as a research and development resource for PDGA staff, board of directors, tournament directors, and members across the globe. The GDT will coordinate organized testing of new ideas for rules, equipment, or course design elements proposed to improve the game. We're working with tournament directors interested in trying various ideas to discover what seems to work and what doesn't in order to improve the game.

Some ideas might be intended to improve specific event types (e.g. elite pro events or events with either all pro or all amateur divisions). Other ideas might affect the difficulty of the game itself. One example that's been suggested by some top pros and likely one of the GDT's first efforts will be finding an appropriate way to make putting more challenging for elite level competitions.

GDT Project Coordinators:

  • Chuck Kennedy #4949,
  • Lavone Wolfe #580,
  • Dan "Stork" Roddick #003,
  • Shawn Sinclair #10819,
  • Derek Robins #5980 (International)


  • Steve West #23616 (Statistics),
  • Joe Feidt #362 (Media)

Touring Professionals:

  • Nate Doss #11794,
  • Sarah Hokom #34563,
  • Henrik Johansen #42493

Touring Pros are liaisons to observe and participate when possible with field tests and seek player feedback. Touring pro liaison positions will rotate every few years based on players' touring plans and interest in participation.

Lead Tournament Directors:

  • Harold Duvall #2018,
  • Chuck Connelly #22000,
  • Zach Shafer #63004 

The GDT will seek many more TDs around the world to help test concepts and new equipment once more details are developed.


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