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When will PDGA sanctioning of events continue?

All events scheduled after May 14, 2020, will be placed into reserved status with sanctioning pending. In order for sanctioning to resume, local directives permitting organized, competitive sporting events must be in place. The PDGA will then verify these directives prior to allowing sanctioning in a geographic area.

What regions have been approved to resume sanctioning?

Please check the complete list of regions where PDGA sanctioning has been approved to resume. This list will be updated regularly whenever sanctioning in a new region is made available.

My event is marked as reserved on the schedule. what does that mean?

It means a temporary hold has been placed on sanctioning of your event. Once the event’s geographic area receives approval to resume sanctioning, tournament directors in that area will receive an alert email and can then complete an Event Director COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form to have the event sanctioned.

As a tournament director, how do I apply for a reinstatement of sanctioning?

Only country representatives and state/provincial coordinators can apply for reinstatement of sanctioning for their geographic area.

How do I distribute the required COVID-19 Participant Waiver to my players?

There are multiple options on how to distribute the waiver to your participants:

  • Include it within the waiver section of the registration form which they attest to when they register.
  • Email it to participants and request a reply back acknowledging their agreement.
  • Print it out and have them sign and date it at the event (least preferred method as this requires a physical transfer)

As a country representative or state/provincial coordinator, how do I apply for reinstatement of sanctioning for my geographic area?

PDGA State and Province Coordinators and Country Representatives will need to log into their existing account on the PDGA website and complete an application for the reinstatement of PDGA Event Sanctioning. An application should only be submitted when local or governmental guidelines allow for standard PDGA event practices and will only be considered for approval if local guidance is currently accepting of organized, competitive sporting events. The submitter must provide resources citing all pertinent local governmental policies and guidelines, including possible travel restrictions within and across country/province/state lines.

My city/county says it is OK to hold organized, competitive sporting events, but other areas of my state/province/country are still not allowed. Will the PDGA sanction my event?

At this time, sanctioning will only be reinstated on a state/province/country level.

Are there travel restrictions between areas approved for sanctioning and those not yet approved?

Any travel restriction between geographic areas is solely dependent on the government guidelines for those geographic areas. Event directors and participants must follow the directives of the local government(s) at all times.

I'm a tournament director in a region where sanctioning is now available. What do I do now?

You will receive an email notification from the PDGA asking you to complete an event director COVID-19 acknowledgment form.

What are my options for a postponed event?

There are two options to address events that are marked as postponed:

  1. Outright Cancel: The PDGA will cancel the event and refund the sanctioning fees.
  2. Leave as Postponed until you have a new approved date when sanctioning is officially approved for your geographic area. Once you obtain new approved dates, let us know and we will change the dates, remove the Postponed marking, and change it to Reserved.

Once you determine which option is best for your event, contact the PDGA Tour Staff to initiate the process.

Can I have a refund on my membership?

PDGA memberships are non-refundable because PDGA membership services and benefits are available to you as soon as a membership order is placed. However, we have received questions from members regarding extensions, credits, and other options for memberships impacted by the suspension of sanctioned play. We take these concerns seriously and will evaluate all available options once the impact of this global pandemic can be fully assessed. We appreciate your patience and understanding as this situation continues to evolve on a daily basis.

Can I get a refund for my insurance certificate that I already received?  

Yes, contact the PDGA Office Manager for refund requests.

If my event is canceled will I receive a refund for my sanctioning fees?

Yes, all canceled events receive a refund for their sanctioning fees.

What if we decide to hold our event while PDGA sanctioning is not available in our area?

In that case it is an unsanctioned event, is NOT covered by the PDGA Tour insurance policy, and those rounds will not be officially reported.

What if this is my last year of eligibility to compete in a certain age-based division at a 2020 PDGA Major event that has been canceled?

Unfortunately, due to pre-established invite criteria and parameters of the age-based divisions, the opportunity to compete in the age-based division in question at a 2021 running of this PDGA Major is not possible.

Will the amateur points requirements for Worlds be adjusted, based on the number of event cancellations?

Most likely. This will be assessed once the full extent of the COVID-19 impact is known. 

If an A-Tier gets rescheduled for the fall, will the PDGA force/mandate those dates?

No. A-Tiers will need to get approval from all State/Provincial/Country Coordinators within 150 miles to ensure that any new date does not conflict with already approved B- and C-Tier dates, or the event may need to run as a B-Tier .Please see the Addendum to the PDGA Tour Standards for more information.

Does the PDGA insurance policy cover a player who feels they contracted COVID-19 while at an event?


Does the PDGA insurance policy cover litigation charges for a tournament director who is sued by a player who feels they contracted COVID-19 while at an event?

Yes – however, only for tournament directors who follow published mitigation strategies. Note: PDGA insurance only covers events in the USA and Canada.