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Due to the overwhelming interest shown for the 2019 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships in York County, PA, the PDGA Tour and Event teams with the Worlds Host team have spent the past six days feverishly working on the course schedule to attempt to make more room for competitors while not overstepping on what the Host can provide for staffing, ancillary event space, and player packs.

To this end, a new Course Schedule (v3.1) has been completed and released which increases the event by 92 players from 724 total players to 816 total players.  Note that this caused some changes to the schedule and the courses being played for a number of divisions.

The specific divisional increases are:

  • MA40 has increased by 36 players to two full pools totaling 144 players.
  • MA55 has increased by 36 players to a full pool of 72 players.
  • MA65 has increased by 20 players to a total of 44 players (maxed at 44 as the T pool shares courses with the L Pool.)

All previously waitlisted players in those three divisions have been promoted into the event and are now registered.  Those players have received an email from Disc Golf Scene advising them that they are now in the event and provides a link so they may now backfill further information including registering for ancillary events.

Please note that no further divisional increases can occur unless later registration numbers allow for movement within multi-division pools (Pools F and L.)

Much thanks for all the hard work by Chas Ford (TD), Shawn Sinclair, Todd Lion,and Mike Downes to make this possible.