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2012 PDGA Worlds Courses

The 2012 World Championships will put the spotlight on established, world-class courses like Hornet’s Nest and Renaissance, and give players the chance to experience newer courses such as Nevin, R.L. Smith and Bradford, which are bristling with challenges.

All 14 courses used are in our home county and within 30 minutes of The Blake, the host hotel located in uptown Charlotte. Most Pro divisions will play three courses twice in preliminary rounds, with most Amateur players playing five different courses.

Bailey Road

Divisions: FJ3, FJ4, FW1, MJ3, MJ4, ML1, MPE, MPL, MPR

Short, intermediate-level course. Fairly open with water on two holes. 3,493’(54)/4,110’(54).


    Divisions: FPO, MPG, MPO, MPS

    Moderately hilly, moderately wooded pro-level course. Water in play on five holes. Minimal OB. 5,590’(55)/6,810’(58)


    Divisions: FG1, FJ1, FJ2, FJ3, FJ4, FM1, FPG, FPM, FPO, FW1, MJ2, MJ3, MJ4, MPM, MS1

    Moderately hilly, moderately wooded advanced-level course with about half the holes mostly open and about half wooded-to-tightly-wooded. OB in play on 10 holes. 5,557’(54)/7,335’(60)

    Elon Angry Beaver

    Divisions: MA1, MG1, MJ1, MM1

    Longer, upper-advanced-level course, mostly in the woods. Accuracy, placement more important than length. Water or OB in play on 9 of the holes. 7,001’(66)

    Elon Eager Beaver

    Divisions: FG1, FJ1, FJ2, FJ3, FJ4, FM1, FW1, MJ2, MJ3, MJ4, ML1, MPE, MPR, MS1

    Short, intermediate-level course, mostly flat, moderately wooded. Some holes fairly open, others in the woods. Two sets of concrete tees. 3,338’(54)/4,415’(54)

    Hornet’s Nest

    Divisions: MA1, MJ2, MM1, MPG, All Finals

    Very challenging, pro-level course requiring length and accuracy. Front 9 fairly open; back narrow through the woods. Minor elevation changes with water and OB on several holes. 6,126’(58)

    Idlewild Scrapyard

    Divisions: FPO, MJ1, MJ2, MG1, MPG, MPS

    An advanced-level course. Two water carries, a unique feature in Charlotte. Wooded and technical, forcing accuracy. Funds for this course were raised from donations of scrap metal. 4,987’(57)/5,686’(58)


    Divisions: FG1, FJ1, FJ2, FM1, FPG, FPM, MA1, MG1, MJ1, MJ2, ML1, MPL

    Mostly flat, moderately wooded advance-level course. Minimal OB; one creek hole. 5,510’(54)/6,276’(58)


    Divisions: FW1, MPM, MPO

    Tightly wooded, long, technical pro-level course with some elevation changes. Nicknamed The Nightmare, for good reason. 7,214’(63)/8,397’(68)

    Reedy Creek

    Divisions: FJ1, FPG, FPM, MG1, MM1, MS1

    Charlotte’s first permanent course, 1989. A shorter, advance-level course with heavily wooded layout, tight fairways, elevation, creeks and blind holes. 4,088’(54)/4,978’(56)


    Divisions: MPO, MM1

    Moderately hilly, long, technical pro-level course with some heavily wooded holes and a few open holes. A monster with OB, mandos, ravines, creeks and diabolical pin placements. 7,282’(61)/9,407’(70)

    R.L. Smith

    Divisions: MA1

    Very hilly, heavily wooded, upper-advanced-level course with water in play on seven holes. 5,332’(56)

    Sugaw Creek

    Divisions: FJ1, FJ2, FJ3, FJ4, FW1, MJ1, MJ3, MJ4, ML1, MM1, MPR, MPL, MPR, MPS, MS1

    Fairly challenging - half the holes are tight wooded holes, the other half are mostly open amidst mature trees. Fairly flat. Maps inside community center.

    Winget Plantation Ruins

    Divisions: FG1, FJ3, FJ4, FM1, MA1, MG1, MM1, MS1

    Plantation Ruins – Moderately hilly, heavily wooded, short, tight and technical course. Water in play on three holes. 4,763’(57)